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NGET IRCTC to Faciliate Faster Tatkal Bookings

After a lot of efforts and failed attempts to make the IRCTC website more efficient and faster loading, CRIS (Indian Railways) has finally come up with something useful and working. This next generation e-ticketing version (NGET) is basically a more user friendly and faster loading alternative version to the traditional website . Most of the users reported a better experience even during the Tatkal booking hours.

To Login to the Next Generation e-ticketing Journey planner / NGET IRCTC page, Enter your username and password in the form below. It is fast, safe and secure way to login to your account (We never store any details).

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About NGET IRCTC e-Ticketing Website

I was quite surprised to see the new version released without any prior announcement. As I logged into my account, i was notified that we are being migrated to the new version and a link was provided for printing / filing / cancelling tickets booked through the older version of the website.

The latest eticketing system is lightning fast and works very efficient in my personal experience. In the past, it was nearly impossible to even login to my account during the tatkal booking period. Now, it is quite simple and easy to view the train and seat availability and book tickets without any hassle.


Indian Railways might have upgraded the server capacity and optimized the website for faster loading. It even placed captcha system to prevent spam and bots from loggging in. As soon as i enter my journey details, available trains are displayed within seconds and seat availability is displayed instantly.

Another notable update in NGET IRCTC e-ticketing website is, it has moved the option for selecting the quota (Tatkal or General) to the next page. So, now you can check the number of seats available in both quotas without having to go back and refresh the page.

What’s new in NGET IRCTC

  • Option for selecting the Quota (General / Tatkal) was moved the next page of Journey planner.
  • Advertisements and unnecessary links were removed.
  • The website is tweaked to display results instantly.
  • Last but not least, this next generating e-ticketing website loads lightning fast.

In conclusion, i can say that the latest version is performing really well and ‘Acche Din‘ have come atleast for railway users.

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