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IRCTC Tatkal Booking Tricks Guaranteed Chances

There is a huge competition for everything in India, even for train seats. Even  after the revamp and new design of IRCTC website, the login and booking process is still slow and buggy during the tatkal booking period. So, follow these tips to increase your chances of a successful tatkal booking.

Auto Fill

IRCTC Tatkal bookings are based on first come first serve basis. Generally during festive seasons and weekends, all the seats get booked within minutes. So timing is extremely important if you want to win the Tatkal race.

Most of the time is consumed in the form filling process (Passenger / Journey details). You can use an automated form filling tool to save that time. Magic Auto Fill by Amit Agarwal is the best autofill tool created for IRCTC.

  • It is very simple to use. Just click here to access Magic AutoFill.
  • Click on the Reservation Form button to enter the details. You can also watch a Video demo.
  • Fill in the required details like Passenger Name, Age, Sex, Food, ID, e.t.c.

irctc tricks magic autofill

  • After filling, click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky‘ button located at the bottom.
  • You are almost done. Just drag the ‘Magic AutoFill‘ button to your bookmarks toolbar.
  • When you are at the IRCTC reservation form, just click on the Autofill button on your bookmarks toolbar.

Multiple Accounts

Register multiple accounts or loan an account from your friend to increase your chances significantly. Use different browsers and even preferably different computers to use these accounts simultaneously. You cannot use a single account simultaneously in different browsers because IRCTC doesn’t allow multiple login.


Use a good and fast browser like Google Chrome and Opera Turbo to increase your odds significantly. These browsers load webpages at a lightning fast speed giving you an edge over other users. If your internet connection is slow, switch to a better connection for better chances.


Click here for a faster alternative to IRCTC sign in.

Proxy Server

You can use an Indian Proxy Sever located near the IRCTC servers. By using proxy, website loads faster because of latency and faster server response time. You can get a list of great Indian Proxy servers here. Only use proxy connection if you are familiar with it.

  • First go to Control Panel -> Internet Properties or Settings -> Network Settings (In your browser).
  • Click on the Connections tab and then on the Settings button.
  • Check ‘Use Manual Proxy Settings‘ option and enter your proxy IP and port in these forms.
  • Click OK and restart your browser.


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