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Consider for Auto Upgradation in IRCTC Explained

Did you notice the ‘Consider for auto upgradation‘ option while booking a ticket on IRCTC? If you did, you might be wondering what it is and what it does. In short, if you enable this option while booking, you will be eligible for auto upgradation or simply free upgrade to a higher class. For example, you may be allocated a berth in AC Two Tier although you have booked a AC Three Tier berth.

I have been asked several questions like whether there would be any additional cost for upgradation, eligibility criteria and how to increase chances, e.t.c. All your doubts will be cleared in the FAQ section below..

How to Enable Auto Upgradation in IRCTC

First select the train for which you wish to book a ticket. Only Waiting list tickets will be considered for upgradation, so choose a class which is currently in waiting list status. Proceed to enter the passenger details and tick the ‘Consider for Auto Upgradation‘ checkbox as shown in the image below.

auto upgradation

Only full-fare paying members without any discounts (Child/Senior Citizen discounts e.t.c) are eligible for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be Charged extra for Auto Upgradation?

No, There won’t be any extra charges.

Are all the passengers of the same ticket upgraded?

Yes, if there is enough vacancy in the higher class all the passengers of the same ticket will be upgraded together. Otherwise, individual passengers on group bookings will not selected.

What is the eligibility criteria for IRCTC Auto Upgradation?

  • All the ticket passengers must be full-fare payers. Concessions (Senior Citizens/Ladies) are not eligible.
  • This scheme is not eligible for block booking transactions.
  • Only the waitlisted passengers of the lower class are considered for this scheme.
  • Only those who have checked the ‘Consider for Auto Upgradation’ option will be eligible.
  • There must be vacancy in the higher class.

What about Refunds?

You can’t be greedy. If your ticket is upgraded and in case you decided to cancel your ticket, cancellation charges of your original class will be applicable. And, the cost of your original class minus the cancellation charge will be refunded to your account.

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